A parent likes to assert that they know best for their child. While this is commonly the case, this may not easily be conveyed or attained when divorcing parents have differing views during a custody battle. Parents in New Hampshire and elsewhere may find this process to be especially challenging when their goals are drastically different. Whether one parent is being spiteful or actions are taken for the safety and wellbeing of the child, it is important that one understands what rights they have and what steps they should take.

At the Law Office of Paul Petrillo, our attorneys understand that joint custody is commonplace in society today. Nonetheless, child custody is still a unique situation that can vary greatly, depending on the distinct circumstances surrounding the family law matter. While each parent may still interact with the child and have a relationship, our law firm notes that some situations call for one parent to seek primary placement of a child.

In matters where abuse exists, it is often necessary for a child to remain with one parent. Whether it is domestic abuse against the other parent or child abuse against the child involved, interactions with the child could be significantly restricted. This may require limited visitations, supervised visitations or temporary restricted visitation, while the other parent undergoes treatment.

Our law firm understands that this is an emotional and delicate matter, which is why we take the time to help our clients fully understand their rights and options. No matter what phase of the process one is in, our attorneys can help establish, modify and enforce a custody order.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s child custody website. Navigating a custody matter can be complex, emotional and taxing. Thus, it is vital to fully understand one’s situation. A legal professional can help one explore their options, helping them understand their best options.