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January 2020 Archives

Helping you reduce debt through a Chapter 13 filing

When financial problems hit, it can feel like there is nothing else going on in the world. Debt can be burdensome, and when it becomes overwhelming, individuals in New Hampshire and elsewhere may start to consider debt relief options. While one is hopeful that they can manage it on his or her own by budgeting, the reality is that when debt piles up because of medical bills and other unexpected bills, it can feel like there is no way out. Filing for bankruptcy may seem like a last resort, but it is a real option that could provide an individual with a fresh financial start.

How the courts dispose of your home in a New Hampshire divorce

There are many ways for the courts to handle your home in a New Hampshire divorce. Quite a few people seem to mistakenly believe that when you divorce, one spouse or the other keeps the home. Some people also think that the person who gets the home will get the full equity in the home, which is actually not a common outcome, as divorce is not a winner-take-all arrangement.

Child custody factors in New Hampshire

No one aspires to get a divorce. However, it is sometimes the best choice for everyone involved. While spouses may be better off apart, when a household is high in conflict or is a space where parents cannot coexist, it can be beneficial for the children involved to no longer live in such a household. Although this may be a positive step for everyone, it still requires parents to arrive at a workable child custody arrangement.

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