When financial problems hit, it can feel like there is nothing else going on in the world. Debt can be burdensome, and when it becomes overwhelming, individuals in New Hampshire and elsewhere may start to consider debt relief options. While one is hopeful that they can manage it on his or her own by budgeting, the reality is that when debt piles up because of medical bills and other unexpected bills, it can feel like there is no way out. Filing for bankruptcy may seem like a last resort, but it is a real option that could provide an individual with a fresh financial start.

The bankruptcy process can be a solution when it comes to getting rid of certain debts, protecting certain assets and shielding one from creditors. At the Law Office of Paul Petrillo, our legal team understands that dealing with debt is a personal experience that can get emotional and overwhelming. Our law firm is also aware that there are individualized solutions to debt problems.

When clients express the need to maintain certain assets, such as a home or personal vehicle, our law firm often suggests the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. While this type of bankruptcy does not erase all debts, it does help one reduce them through a manageable payment plan.

Because a Chapter 7 bankruptcy could cause the loss of assets, many decide to file for a Chapter 13. This process not only helps one reduce and mange their debt, but also helps to stop the home foreclosure process, stop vehicle repossession, stop wage garnishment, stop creditor harassment, help refinance a car loan and even strip a second mortgage.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s Chapter 13 bankruptcy website. The bankruptcy process can be confusing and complex, especially for those who cannot see beyond the financial problems they are currently dealing with. Thus, it is imperative that those considering this debt relief option fully understands the process and receive guidance, when necessary.