If you are getting a divorce, the one thing that probably concerns you most is spending time with your children. From now on, you won’t be able to see your kids every day; you won’t be able to read them a bedtime story every day; you won’t be able to kiss them good night every day.

What if you decide to try and get custody of your children during the week and let your partner have them on the weekend? There are five days in the week and two days on the weekend, so it seems logical that you will get to see your kids more if you have them during the week.

When you mention your plan to your spouse, they almost choke on their coffee: ”So you’re going to get a new job, are you?” they say. “Because I can’t remember the last time you were home in time to make the kids supper or the last time you took a day off because they were ill. You are always at work.”

Sometimes, as much as it hurts, you have to face reality. If you have a demanding job, you may not spend as much time with your children as you think. Work out how many hours you spend with them. Then work out the hours they spend with your spouse, or at school or clubs. It may surprise you. 

Maybe you could change your job; perhaps you could get someone to pick your kids up from school each day and look after them until you get home. Or maybe it is best to have your children at the weekend, where you can spend uninterrupted time together. It may be better for them, too.

There is a lot to figure out in a divorce. An attorney can help you work out and negotiate how you can balance child custody and your career.