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Child custody tips to follow during the holidays

With the holiday season getting into full swing at the end of October, it's important to turn your attention to child custody-related matters. The sooner you get on the same page as your ex-spouse, the easier it is to organize your holiday schedule to provide your children with the experiences they deserve.

It's not too soon to review your school year child custody plans

While some of our readers may feel that it is too early to think about going back to school, for children whose parents are divorced it is not too early to review child custody and child support arrangements for the upcoming school year, so that there is plenty of time to make modifications if necessary.

Child custody in New Hampshire focuses on the child

Parents always strive to do what's best for their children. Divorce or separation often complicates these efforts, since parents may find it difficult to co-parent once they are not living together. New Hampshire courts do their best to help parents and children in this situation.

New developments in case that changed child protective services

Raising a child is a sacred and difficult responsibility. Parents often have a kinship with each other right away because they understand each other's hopes, fears and hard work. Anyone can become a parent, but it takes a special sort of person to become a good one.

It's time to review your summer child custody schedule

Taking an out-of-state vacation during the summer is a tradition for many families. Families across Nashua may be gearing up to visit their favorite amusement park, see relatives that live in other parts of the country, or visit popular natural landmarks. However, if a child's parents are divorced, they may need to take certain steps before hitting the road with their child.

What happens if child custody needs to change?

If you are a parent, no one needs to ask what you care about the most. Children are always the priority of good parents, and that extends into a time after separation or divorce from a child's other parent. When it comes to decision making for a child's life, there are several reasons why a parent would want that power to themselves.

What will courts consider when making child custody decisions?

Deciding how to allocate parental rights and responsibilities is essential when parents are divorcing. These decisions can be very emotional, as generally both parties want to spend as much time with their child as possible. While sometimes parents can work out child custody issues on their own, other times they must turn to the court to issue a ruling on child custody. Such rulings will be based on the best interests of the child. Family law courts in New Hampshire will consider several factors when determining how to allocate parental rights and responsibilities.

How does the Granite State manage child custody claims?

What about the children? This question should come at nearly every phase of a divorce between parents. Children are affected by every decision from who looks after them at the end of the school year to who gets specific assets that may eventually go to them. It may not be the biggest consideration for adults in emotional turmoil, but child custody is one of the most important issues they will ever manage.

Claiming a child as a dependent after divorce

When parents in New Hampshire divorce, it will affect the way they file their federal income taxes. With the tax filing deadline looming, it is important for parents to understand how to account for their children on their federal income taxes now that they are no longer married.

New Hampshire may expand its supervised visitation network

Children are our most precious resources and regardless of child care styles, they always deserve the best of our feelings and emotions for their own well-being. Nothing challenges our abilities to take care of our children more, however, than the custody and care battles that can arise from divorce or separation.

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