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Looking for hidden assets during your divorce

Are you worried that your spouse is going to hide assets during your divorce? People often do not want to split things with their spouses, so they'll try to stash certain assets and get through the divorce without getting caught -- even when full disclosure of assets is legally required.

How to protect your credit during divorce

Divorce comes with unique monetary burdens. If you suddenly become fully responsible for bills or need to worry about child support payments, you may be scrambling to afford the process. It is crucial to tackle these new financial obligations head-on or else you may find yourself falling behind.

Why your date of separation matters

You and your spouse separated before you technically got divorced. You knew that divorce could take months, and you also knew the marriage was over. You moved out to live on your own, already "done" with the relationship, even while the legal process played out.

Your odds of getting divorced over 50 keep on going up

Do you think that making it to 50 years old and still being married means you've likely found a marriage that is going to last a lifetime? Maybe you assume that divorce is just for relatively young couples who perhaps shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. As you near retirement age, you just assume it's never going to end.

What not to include in your prenup

Your prenuptial agreement is intended to protect you if you get divorced, and it typically focuses on financial protection. For instance, if you have far more assets than your spouse or own your own business, you may want to make sure a divorce doesn't ruin the business or take half of those assets by stating up front that they stay with you if the marriage ends.

Is a 'Gray Divorce' in your future?

While overall in the United States the divorce rate has leveled off or dropped, in the last three decades, the rate of divorces for those 51 and older has doubled. Moreover, it's even higher for those 66 and older. These findings were confirmed by sociologists at Bowling Green State University.

Home-selling tips for a couple going through divorce

Going through a divorce is stressful, emotional and overwhelming. You never know what your spouse will ask for, and it's likely you will be selling the family home. This makes the process even more upsetting. You have to say good-bye to everything you've built together as a couple. Following are some important tips for selling the home when you go through a divorce.

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