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Trust Administration And Assistance | Help For Grieving Families

I am estate planning attorney Paul Petrillo. I help New Hampshire residents wanting to take proactive steps by establishing trusts.

I also represent grieving family members who need help with trust administration. Understanding that each client comes to me with different issues and goals, I treat all cases individually with tailored, results-oriented strategies.

From the moment I take on your case, I remain at your side throughout the entire process while remaining accessible should you call or show up at my office.

Avoiding Probate With The Help Of A Knowledgeable Attorney

When clients come to my office for help with estate planning, they usually lack the knowledge of how a trust can help them. My job is to educate them on the process of establishing a trust and the various benefits it provides.

An irrevocable or revocable living trust allows you to transfer and administer assets. You make yourself the trustee and name a successor who will distribute your property should you die or become disabled or incapacitated. Upon your death, an executor oversees a quick and simplified distribution of assets, sparing your family the expense and delay involved with New Hampshire probate courts.

Trusts are not exclusive to wealthy New Hampshire residents with millions of dollars and multiple real estate properties. At the Law Office of Paul Petrillo, I help my clients from all walks of life establish trusts to protect a family home, a few vehicles and financial resources.

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If you need help establishing a trust, contact me online or call the Law Office of Paul Petrillo for a free and confidential consultation.