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Focusing On Your Priorities During Divorce

In the strong emotions of divorce, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters. Instead of focusing on the past or what your spouse is or isn’t doing, the focus needs to be on your goals, your children and your future.

I am Paul Petrillo, a divorce lawyer in New Hampshire, serving the Merrimack Valley, including Nashua and Manchester. I will help you see the big picture and strategize your divorce, and I will help you stand your ground without engaging in unnecessary litigation.

Call me to arrange a roll-up-your-sleeves discussion about your pending divorce.

Choosing The Best Path To Divorce

New Hampshire is a no-fault divorce state; either party can move for divorce without proving grounds. There is no waiting period or need for legal separation. If you agree on all matters to the satisfaction of the court, I can draw up the papers and you can have an uncontested divorce in a couple of months.

If there are disputes relating to asset division, child custody matters or financial support, a contested divorce can last for a year or more. I will represent you in family court proceedings in Rockingham County or Hillsborough County, while pursuing a fair and efficient out-of-court settlement that avoids the drama and expense of a trial.

Helping You With Fair Property Division

Aside from custody of children, the biggest disputes are about possessions and dividing the marital estate. I have seen spouses incur $30,000 in legal fees battling over the dining room table or other things of little value in the grand scheme of things. I help clients choose their battles carefully and focus on major assets and their long-term interests, including:

  • The marital residence and other real estate
  • A closely held business
  • Retirement accounts
  • Stocks, investments and accounts
  • Credit cards and other joint debts
  • Responsibility for the mortgage and other bills
  • Continuation of health insurance
  • Spousal support

There are many ways to divide the estate, and I encourage creative solutions that both sides view as a “win-win.” For instance, one party may keep the house and other party take the 401(k), or one party may keep the business and also take on the lion’s share of the debts.

I also practice in bankruptcy, and commonly help couples discharge debts through Chapter 7 or reorganize debts under Chapter 13 prior to filing for divorce. This protects assets from creditors, streamlines property division and leaves both of you in better financial shape.

Moving Toward The Future

The New Hampshire family courts require mediation before parties can litigate. I encourage clients to take advantage of this free opportunity to resolve disputes or at least define the issues. If attempts at alternative dispute resolution do not pan out, I can still go in and faithfully advocate for your interests before the judge.

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