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Circumstances Change, So Can Your Court Order

Your original divorce decree reflected a particular set of circumstances at that time — where you lived, your salary and your ex’s salary, for example. In the years following the finalization of your divorce, it is entirely possible that circumstances have changed. A substantial change in circumstances may merit modifications to an existing court order.

I am Paul Petrillo, a family law attorney serving clients throughout the Merrimack Valley of New Hampshire, including those in Nashua and Manchester. I represent clients in the family courts of Rockingham County and Hillsborough County.

If you believe that a circumstance has changed in such a way that the divorce decree needs to be modified, please reach out to me for a free initial consultation: 603-635-4149.

What Types Of Changes Can Result In Post-Decree Modification?

When a substantial change in circumstance exists for either party or their affected children, it may be necessary to seek modification. Examples of substantial changes in circumstance include:

  • Significant increase in income
  • Significant decrease in income
  • Major illness
  • Remarriage
  • Relocation
  • Change in financial need

As a lawyer, I assist people on both sides of modification. For example, your goal may be to have an increase in the amount of child support payment due to a financial need of your children. Or, the other party may be requesting to relocate with the children, thus changing custody and visitation arrangements. Whether you are for or against the modification, rest assured that I take your concerns seriously and will vigorously advocate on your behalf.

Let’s Find A Solution Together

Divorce decrees shape your and your children’s lives, and sometimes they need to be adjusted. To discuss this more in depth, please call me at my Nashua law firm to arrange a free and confidential consultation: 603-635-4149 or contact me online.