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New Hampshire's budget may include student debt relief

Debt relief is a big deal in the 21st century. The recession that began ten years ago wiped out a lot of people's savings and took away some people's homes. A surge in private-sector activity in education and health care has brought more changes that seem to take money out of the pockets of ordinary New Hampshire residents.

Bankruptcies edge up in New Hampshire from last year

Bankruptcy often comes as a relief to the people who apply for it. The word is often associated with some sort of failure, but an application is a success after a long road of dealing with creditors and protecting assets at risk. The protection of bankruptcy can help individuals and businesses alike get a fresh start.

New Hampshire addresses the problem of student debt

Debt is a problem that reached historic levels in the last decade. The collapse of the subprime mortgage market triggered a massive recession that dried up the economies of several jurisdictions, including New Hampshire. Residents of the Granite State may expect to carry more than the national average of several types of debt.

How can students avoid or manage debt?

Citizens of New Hampshire have a level of debt per capita higher than the national average. Although the Granite State offers many young people chances to advance their careers, debt can hold them back to a level that their entire career is affected. This is why people must be smart about debt as soon as they know they will face it.

How can student debts be forgiven or discharged?

People in New Hampshire owe more than most Americans per capita, which leads the personal bankruptcy rate in the Granite State to experience occasional highs. Two of the types of debt that are most likely to lead to bankruptcy are student debt and medical debt. One of the prices of New Hampshire's educated population is a higher incidence of student debt.

How can debt relief work with agencies and lawyers?

People in New Hampshire have more debt than people in many other states, with student debt and medical expenses leading the reasons that some are pushed into red ink. In some cases, bankruptcy may be the best way to start over with a clean slate, but it is often the last stop on a long road with options for people to get out of debt.

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