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Collection agency sues wrong person over credit card debt

New Hampshire residents may be aware that the activities of debt collection companies are sometimes questionable. The tactics these organizations employ can border on harassment, and putting an end to such behavior is one of the reasons that people consider filing for bankruptcy. However, sometimes the individual being targeted by a collection agency does not even owe the debt.

When a stranger calls, the debt collection horror story begins

Several years ago, the horror movie “When a Stranger Calls” was released. Have you ever received a phone call or a letter from someone who says you owe them money for a debt, but you’ve never even heard of the company calling? That is likely because the original debt, if it even was your debt, has been sold to a company that buys debts for pennies on the dollar. The debt could have been credit card charges, medical debt or even student loans.

Debt consolidation scams have their red flags too

The sad truth in life is that there are some individuals that will take advantage of others that are less fortunate, less powerful or desperate. In other cases, these individuals just want to make a profit however they can. The Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Education warn those with student loan debts that they could become the target of a scam.

High-interest title lending may cause more debt than it erases

When people receive bills in the mail, most people automatically pay them. Unfortunately, not everyone in Rockingham County can always afford their bills, yet they can't just not pay them. So, many people in New Hampshire turn to short-term lenders who can provide easy access to money. Although a car title loan may seem like a good idea when a bill needs to be paid, it can actually cause more debt than it helps to erase.

Credit card and financial challenges can be overcome

Many consumers struggle to pay their credit card bills every month. The weakened economy and housing market caused many families, including several in New Hampshire, to rely heavily on their credit cards to make day-to-day purchases. When coupled with rising interest rates and decreased income, the balances on many consumers' credit cards may have become higher than they can afford to pay back. Financial challenges like this can be difficult to bounce back from, but a recent article offered several suggestions on what consumers can do to take control.

New year, fresh start: Money goals for New Hampshire residents

Across New Hampshire and the nation, Americans are making (and breaking) resolutions this new year. At the same time, our country is coming out of a recession, yet consumers are still struggling with debt. The average household currently owes approximately $6,700 in credit card debt, and Americans as a whole have defaulted on $176 billion in debt since 2010. In the spirit of making a fresh start for 2014, consumers may wish to get control of their debt and set themselves up for better financial success.

Bankruptcy filings have been falling since 2010

For a long time, anyone in Rockingham County who was underwater in debt could use bankruptcy as a way to free themselves of debt and start afresh. Although there are still many people and businesses that file for bankruptcy in New Hampshire every year, the number of people who have filed since 2010 has been steadily declining. While many people may see a fall in the number of people filing for bankruptcy as a sign of our country's improving economic health, that is not necessarily wholly accurate.

Student loan monitor scrutinized for untoward tactics

No one with heavy student loan debt should feel alone in their struggle. Currently, federal student loan debt in the U.S. totals at about $1 trillion, and many people who are having difficulty paying back those loans also have other debts, such as medical and credit card bills.

More than half of parents will go into holiday debt

While the holiday season has certainly become a season of giving, at what point should people opt for saving money instead of buying gifts? That is a question that only each individual can answer for him- or herself. It is worth noting, however, that a poll of parents found that more than half of them were planning on going into debt just to buy presents for their children. It is highly likely that there are parents in Salem who are waking up to substantial credit card debt now that Christmas is over.

Many New Hampshire college students have over $30,000 in debt

Going to college is a goal that many people have from a young age. People believe that going to college and getting a degree will give them a huge advantage when they enter the workplace. Salaries are supposed to be higher and jobs are supposed to be more attainable. But the truth is that a poor economy combined with rising college tuition costs has put many graduates at a significant financial disadvantage.

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